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Gin Normindia

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Gin Normindia

French Gin
采用十五种芳香植物:苹果,橙子,肉桂,杜松,百合花,丁香 ;干姜,胡荽,等
15 Botanicals: Apple, Organge, Cinnamon, Juniper, Lily, Clove, Ginger, Coriander, etc.
Recipe from 1765 approved by King of France - Louis XV; 4 to 12 days of maceration in stainless steel vat; Distilled in small Calvados cooper still; 100% crafted & bottled in-house;
10,000 bottles produced, every bottle is numbered.

Fresh, fruity and light, Normandia aims to combine the zesty quality of a young Calvados with the floral, spicier nature of a more mature VSOP. It is composed of 15 botanical ingredients. Distilled in the Calvados cooper, it gives Normindia more structure and roundness.

容量丨Volume: 700ml
酒精度丨Alcohol: 41.4%vol
包装丨MP: 6 btl/box

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